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Dental implants from Belconnen’s experienced dentists

If you need to replace single or multiple missing teeth, then getting dental implants is the perfect solution, and offers a more permanent way to do so. At Belconnen Dental Centre, we can perform this procedure for our patients, restoring your smile back to its best.

Getting your implants

To decide if implants are right for you, we’ll first arrange an appointment with your dentist, who will examine your teeth and gums and explain the procedure fully. If you agree to go ahead with it, then we’ll schedule you in for further appointments to complete the procedure. Implants are essentially titanium screws that are surgically placed in the jawbone, with the procedure usually carried out under local anaesthetic. Crowns, bridges and even dentures can then be attached to these screws, restoring your smile – both aesthetically and functionally.

Thanks to innovations in the dental industry, implant technology has been refined greatly in recent years. This means the waiting time between the screw placement surgery and the final bonding of the crowns, bridge or denture on top has significantly reduced. If you’d like to find out more about dental implants and whether this is the best option for you, then please contact our clinic today and speak to one of our team.

Call us today on  02 6251 5635  for more details about our dental implants in Belconnen.

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